Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Indigo Project

I love 18th century fashion details, and also like to look at vintage pieces for inspiration. The centre photo of embroidery is 18th century and has influenced my colour story as well as some ideas of sampling I will be doing for embroidery. The beading and delicate details of the vintage pieces has inpired me to do something quite soft with light fabrics and maybe beading and lace details.

This piece is really unique with the bold appliqued blue shapes against the delicate sheer fabric and lace, and I like the contrast of it.

My current project is to design a collection of fronts to exhibit at Indigo, Premiere Vision in Paris. The collection is for Spring/summer 2011, and the brief is 'Cabinet of Curiosities. I have decided to look at nature for inspirartion, drawing from the pattern details in the butterflies, birds and lizards.
I have been really inspired by the symmetrical shapes of the butterflies, and also the geometric shapes in the birds wings.
The lizards textures and reptile skins have inpired me, and I have been drawing from these references as a starting point.

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