Friday, 29 January 2010

Historical Costume, 1920s

Yestderday I visited the Costume archive in Colchester, where I looked at some 1920s pieces for inspiration. I was inspired by Coco Chanel and that era, so wanted to do some further research into the shapes and silhouettes of this period.

I love this piece which is really feminine, with a dropped waist and full skirt. I also was inspired by the floral print, as I am doing florals, and found the large rose print really effective on a sheer chiffon fabric. The pin tucks in the bodice are also an effective detail.

The frills in this dress is the kind of thing I have been designing so is really relevant. I like the fluid shape, which you can see swinging round the body with lots of movement and layers.

There was really nice sleeve details on a lot of the 1920s dresses, with embroidery or applique patterns. The construction details make the outfit quite unusual which I like.

There was some amazing beaded dresses, which I loved. It was amazing how much adornment went into these pieces, with all over beading applied. They look really special and deliate, which I like. The beading has been carefully done to create interesting patterns and frill details.

I have found my visit really inspiring, and have taken away lots of new ideas about construction shapes and details. Overall the 20's was quite fluid lines, shapeless dresses with dropped waists. The shapes were simple but with surface decoration ususally eleborate or well thought out, which is the effect I want with my garments.

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

I have been really inspired by Fendi's Spring/ Summer 2010 collection. I love the whispy fabrics and soft lines with understated embellishment details. It has a luxurious, sophisticated look, which I aim to create with my collection. I will be taking inspiration from the soft nude colours as well as the sheer fabrics and silhouettes.

My major project will be a spring/summer womanswear collection for upper/mid market fashion- Ted Baker, Anthropologie, Whistles etc. I will be using beading, embroidery, print and construction to make an exciting feminine and romantic collection with attention to detail.

Friday, 15 January 2010

Warner Textile Archive

I visited the warner textile archive today to gain furthur inspiration for my major project. It was fantastic, as there was so much there to look at- a really inpiring place to visit. I am really pleased that I went as I know I can always go back if I need some inspiration.
I looked at the Rococo fabrics from late 18th century, as this is the period that I was most interested in from looking at the V&A and previous projects. I loved the Rococo prints and quite delicate, soft and feminine style. It was exactly the kind of theme I am going for, so was really good to see. I was suprised at the good condition of the older pieces, and vibrant colours they still held.

I also looked at some embroidery and beading from the archive. The extravogant beading was really interesting to see and has inspired me to want to add some luxurious beading details to my collection. The embroidery was also beautiful with delicate stitches and vibrant detailing.

I have come away really inspired, and in particular by the quirky, English prints I saw there. There was some really interesting floral prints in blues and pinks with stripes or pattern details as a background. I loved these prints as they were quite unique and very English. I would like to combine aspects of these with the Indian Maharaja and British Royality for a unique, eclectic mix.

Inspiration boards

Christian Lacroix is a big inspiration to me and in particular this extravogant fall 2008 collection...
I have been looking into the glamour of high society and royalty for inspiration as well as historical dress and quirky English fashions...

Chanel is a big inspiration for the feminine elegance and attention to detail. The light and flowing chiffons and pretty dresses from the s/s 2010 catwalks have also inspired me...

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Coco Chanel

I watched the film 'Coco Before Chanel' yesterday, and it really inspired me. I have researched Coco Chanel for my dissertation, and have always found her an inspiration, but watching the film brings her to life. She was such a chic and stylish character, and so ahead of her time. I love the way she was so practical and did not simply adhere to the trends of her time but went totally against them- to her success. Her clothes were made with such care and thought and I think this makes them really special pieces, which I aspire to create. I loved the simplicity of her clothes and the 1920s style which she came to be an icon of. It has made me want to look more into this period for inspiration and for silhouette ideas.

The Queen's Gallery

After visiting the Maraharja exhibition at the V&A I decided I wanted to look more into our royal family for my final major project. I wanted to have a collection that held meaning and held some importance to the wearer of the garment, and so I thought British heritage and symbols of power and status would be a good place to look.

The exhibition showed the queen's treasures as part of the Royal collection as well as paintings of Royalty through history 'The Conversational Piece'. I found the jewels and treasures from royalty really inspiring and I feel like it is a really good starting point for my major porject. I love the intricacy and detail put into the clothing of royalty as well as the precious jewellery and diamonds worn by the queen. I have begun drawings from the royal collection, which could form print detail for my collection.