Saturday, 10 October 2009


Last week I visited the ShowStudio exhibition in at Somerset House, Fashion Revolution and was really quite inspired by what they are showing there. It shows a really interesting new take on fashion and design and how technology is really coming to the for-front of fashion. I loved the way you could really interact with the designers and you got a real insight into their thoughts and inspirations behind the collaborations. The main thing that I came away with was how important computers and technology now is to designers and how it can enhance and change what we do. It also showed quite an artistic slant on fashion which was new and innovative.

My favourite piece was the Sound of Clothes: Synaesthesia by DANIEL BROWN / NICH RYAN, 2006. This was a really interesting piece where you could interact with the jacket, by touching the screen, with different parts making different sounds. The idea of a music making piece of clothing is really fresh and innovative and something that would have been impossible without the technology of today. It was also a gorgeously made lace, vintage looking jacket, which I adored.

The fashion films was another part of the exhibition that really inspired me. It shows films of collections by the designers, such as Gareth Pugh's dark, emotional film of his a/w '09 collection. It is a really inspiring way to show a collection and gives a real sense of theme and emotive feel to the concept behind it, and has inpired me to possibly want to do something similar for my final collection.

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