Friday, 18 December 2009

Maharaja Exhibition

While I was in London yesterday I also visited the Maharaja exhibition at the V&A, which is an exhibition of Indian Royalty showing their magnificence and wealth. It was an amazing exhibition full of rich colour and fabrics, which have really inspired me. I love the over-conspicuos wealth of the royalty and the way this was shown with exquisitally embellished shari's, bed linen and furnishings.

The colours have been really inspiratrional, as well as seeing how societies used to live, and how much royality ruled. It has made me want to look more into English Royalty and the herritage of our royal family. Maybe mixing inspirations from this with the Maharaja exhibition for my final collection?

I also looked at the new Renaissance exhibition at the V&A, which was also quite inspiring. This, again ties in with heritage, and is something I definately see as holding importance.

Studio G

I went to studio G to have a look aroud the studio yesterday, and to show them my fronts for spring/summer 2011. They had a look to see if they wanted to take any with them to New York, and it was a good opportunity to get feedback on my work and see the studio.
Glen was very possitive and said he liked my collection, but it wasn't very good for them as thier clients like their artwork on a disc- which mine isnt as its hand-painted or embroidered. He did say that they were still commercial, so I had some positive feedback which I am pleased about. The studio was lovely and seemed like a nice, relaxed environment to work in.

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

River Island Competition

Another Competition I have entered is the River Island Design competition, where they asked to design a capsule collection for summer 2010 for river island. Again, I could see how my designs for Indigo could work, so reworked them for the collection. I think they fit in with the River Island brand, as they are fun, bright and inspired by the catwalk.

From Brief to Bra

I decided to enter the competition 'From brief to bra' which was to design an underwear set for simply be. I thought that one of my prints from the Indigo project would work well, so used this as a print for a fun, feminine bra set. I have added detailing for a seductive tone, and a luxurious touch.

I have now finished my collection of 12 fronts for Indigo, which I feel made a fresh and exciting group for summer 2010.
I am happy with the outcome, and I think they work really well together and are commercial, which I wanted.
The hand-painted prints definately work better now that they have been constructed and added with the embroidery/ embellishment detailing.
I have realised from this project how important it is to keep working at a collection to get it right, and that if I am not happy with something, it is always better to change it to make it work. I have really enjoyed making commercial pieces, however, I think I do prefer the more luxury market rather than high street, which I think these are.

Saturday, 5 December 2009

Final Collection Idea...

I was just writing my dissertation, and it got me thinking about my final collection. I have been researching for the dissertation about the importance of value of fashion and how fast fashioin holds no value, as I feel fashion is something that should provoke meaning and show identity.

"Fashion fades, only Style remains the same" Coco Chanel.

I was thinking that my final collection could reflect this, and show how emotional attachment to clothes could prolong its life and make fashion more cared for again- something to be cherished.

Historical references could form this emotional attachment, creating a story behind the garment/ collection. History has meaning, as we can all relate to that moment in time. I want to create a personal experience to the garment for the individual and make a collection that is unique and special. Maybe each piece having some sort of relevance?

I now need to find some sort of theme/ inspiration which can achieve this....