Friday, 18 December 2009

Maharaja Exhibition

While I was in London yesterday I also visited the Maharaja exhibition at the V&A, which is an exhibition of Indian Royalty showing their magnificence and wealth. It was an amazing exhibition full of rich colour and fabrics, which have really inspired me. I love the over-conspicuos wealth of the royalty and the way this was shown with exquisitally embellished shari's, bed linen and furnishings.

The colours have been really inspiratrional, as well as seeing how societies used to live, and how much royality ruled. It has made me want to look more into English Royalty and the herritage of our royal family. Maybe mixing inspirations from this with the Maharaja exhibition for my final collection?

I also looked at the new Renaissance exhibition at the V&A, which was also quite inspiring. This, again ties in with heritage, and is something I definately see as holding importance.

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