Friday, 20 November 2009

Warner Textile Archive

We had the Warner Textile Archive in college yesterday which was a really inspiring visit. They hold the second largest collection of textiles in the U.K, and document these so that designers can access them to use for inpiration. We were shown some of the textile pieces from the archive including paper print designs and printed fabrics from the 18th century through to the 20th century. I found the woven fabrics from the 18th century particularly inspiring, with small scale repeat florals in bright colours. it was interesting, however, how much of a variety of different techniques would be used in a certain period. I was also amazed at the bright, rich colours of the woven silks from the Victorian period.

They said that we can go to see the archive in Braintree, and request to see certain designs that interest us, which is exciting, and it could form inspiration for my final collection. They also have some embroidery and beaded pieces, which I would love to see, as this is what really interests me. I am really glad that they came to college to show us some of thier pieces, as I wasn't aware of what they had there and that we could visit, which I will now be taking advantage of.

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