Friday, 20 November 2009

Inidgo Project

I have started my first collection of hand painted prints for Indigo, which were going to be simple front shapes showing the conversational print. However, after doing the 6 prints, I have decided I am not happy with them just as they are. I feel they are not very strong as a collection, and need more excitement in them. This could be due to the fact that the colours are all quite toned down, but I also like more detail in my pieces, which you dont get the feel of in these.I am happy with some of the designs, so I will be leaving these as they are. For the others, I have decided to combine them with the constructed and embriodered elements that I have been experiementing with for collection 2. I will now have 1 collection of 12 garments, combining the 2 collections to make a really exciting, detailed combination of colour, construction, beading and embriodery.
Below is one of the prints which I am going to keep as it is, maybe adding some detail at the neck with subtle beading.

Below are some of the pieces I have been working on for collection 2, which will now be combined with some of the prints. I will have some fronts where the top is printed and the bottom constructed and visa vera. I am now much happier with the whole collection, as I think it represents me more, and my style.

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  1. mate this all looks gorgeous!! will have a to have a nose at ur work it all looks lovely!! xxx