Friday, 6 November 2009

We had a really interesting talk from Studio G yesterday, who showed us some of their print designs, which they sell at Indigo Paris and New York. They showed us some mood boards, which show how they look at catwalk trends for inspiration which they translate into thier own prints. They design for the high street, so thier prints are very commercial focused. I found it really useful to see how the industry works and what is involved in working for a studio such as Studio G.

We have to opportunity to design a collection for them, which they might be willing to take with them to New York, which is a really exciting opportunity. It would be done on photoshop, as this is the technique they use, so I am thinking I will do a collection of digital prints, taking my inspirations from collection 1 to deveop furthur, and maybe using the theme of tropical, or anaimal?

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