Thursday, 7 January 2010

The Queen's Gallery

After visiting the Maraharja exhibition at the V&A I decided I wanted to look more into our royal family for my final major project. I wanted to have a collection that held meaning and held some importance to the wearer of the garment, and so I thought British heritage and symbols of power and status would be a good place to look.

The exhibition showed the queen's treasures as part of the Royal collection as well as paintings of Royalty through history 'The Conversational Piece'. I found the jewels and treasures from royalty really inspiring and I feel like it is a really good starting point for my major porject. I love the intricacy and detail put into the clothing of royalty as well as the precious jewellery and diamonds worn by the queen. I have begun drawings from the royal collection, which could form print detail for my collection.

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