Friday, 15 January 2010

Warner Textile Archive

I visited the warner textile archive today to gain furthur inspiration for my major project. It was fantastic, as there was so much there to look at- a really inpiring place to visit. I am really pleased that I went as I know I can always go back if I need some inspiration.
I looked at the Rococo fabrics from late 18th century, as this is the period that I was most interested in from looking at the V&A and previous projects. I loved the Rococo prints and quite delicate, soft and feminine style. It was exactly the kind of theme I am going for, so was really good to see. I was suprised at the good condition of the older pieces, and vibrant colours they still held.

I also looked at some embroidery and beading from the archive. The extravogant beading was really interesting to see and has inspired me to want to add some luxurious beading details to my collection. The embroidery was also beautiful with delicate stitches and vibrant detailing.

I have come away really inspired, and in particular by the quirky, English prints I saw there. There was some really interesting floral prints in blues and pinks with stripes or pattern details as a background. I loved these prints as they were quite unique and very English. I would like to combine aspects of these with the Indian Maharaja and British Royality for a unique, eclectic mix.

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