Sunday, 25 April 2010

FMP progression

This week I have been carrying on with the making of my collection. I have now made 4 outfits, with 2 more to make, so I should be finished for when I want to to do my photoshoot of the whole collection. I have started thinking about where to do the shoot- maybe a manor house or something similar. However, I do need to do more research into where I can do it, who is going to photograph it and model the collection, which I will hopefully sort out this week.

I have also been working on my portfolio pages this week. Above is my development board for the project, which I have made quite busy with lots of different ideas to make it interesting to look at. I want it to show a range of my work to show how I have developed from initail ideas. This week I will be working on my illustration boards for the portfolio.

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