Friday, 9 April 2010


I had my photoshoot today for my final collection. It went great and I am really happy with how the pictures look, David Lam, the photographer was amazing. I decided to shoot my 3rd dress, which I have just finished. I was originally going to do my first black dress with the golden/green jacket. However, this one is definately my favourite with the adorned beading on the neck and delicate shape... I decided to go for quite a dark edgy look for the make-up to give a contrast to the feminine, pretty dress. I love the make-up look, which is really strong on my dark model. Her eyes look beautiful. The hair looks quite boy-ish in the up-do, but makes a great contrast to the dress, giving an edgy look. I love it!

We went for an elegant sitting down pose to give a sophisticed, modern look. It shows off the dress really well and has a soft feel, which works great. The dress fit Hannah perfectly, so I was really happy. The sheer side panels look great on her tiny waist.

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  1. Hi Carly, just wanted to say that I saw this photo in the WWR magazine and it jumped right off the page - what a stunning dress! Is this going to be available to buy any time soon? It's GORGEOUS and I want it! B x