Sunday, 18 April 2010

Hand and Lock

Last week I did a work placement at hand and lock embroidery studios. It was a really good week and I learnt a lot about the industry and what they do there. I entered the prize for embroidery which hand and lock do last year and got to the finalists. I love the details in hand embroidery and beading, and how it always looks so special.

I did many different jobs while on the work placement including beading shorts for n'dubz with swarovski crystals, which was cool. I prepared artwork for embroidery and learnt how a drawing is used to create a hand embroidered piece. I also did a lot of errands to collect or deliver items or buy ribbon/fabric. This was useful because I got to know where places were in London that I hadn't been before. I also helped with monogramming onto aprons for the national cafe, then got a free coffee and muffin when delivering them, which was nice!
They do lots at hand and lock, and seeing all their beautiful samples was really inspiring. The royal badges are delicately made with gold work, which has an amazing finish. They have a designer, Claire who designs some things in house for the client or sometimes the client will provide the design for them. I have learnt a lot about how a studio like this works and what they do, and feel a lot more confident when I do start work in the industry. I would enjoy working in a studio like this, but I would like to design myself still rather than just making.

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