Monday, 15 February 2010


Having just returned from a week in Paris, I feel full of inspiration and ideas for my final collection. The trip to Paris was primarily to ehibit work at Indigo, Premiere Vision, but I also got to work on the stand which was really insightful. I made some useful contacts with the industry and got to see all the different studios which exhibit there. I particularly liked the studio PATTERN, who show beautifully elegant pieces with lots of embellishment and stylish print in a delicate manner. It was exactly the kind of design that appeals to me and is what I aim to create for my final collection. They use screen print, digial print, beading, embroidery and construction details in their work, so show a range of skills and detail which appeals to me.

By looking at the trend forecasts and colours for spring 2011, I feel that I am going in the right direction with my final collection. Premiere Vision states that spring/summer 2011 mixes fashion periods in a simpler, more natural way, creating a relaxed elegance. 'Sparkling Nonchalance' describes the mood of my collection well; 'with contrasts between leather aspects and lacquered laces... relaxed, charmingly simple silhouettes... playing with the semi-transparancy of silks... prettying up reality with lightness'.

By seeing all the fabrics and colours for spring 2011, as well as the prints and details from Indigo I am now really inspired and have a good idea of where I want to go with the project. I brought some beautiful laces from the fabric market in Paris, decorated with embellishments, and this along with sheer silks, print and light leather will form my fabrics.

While in Paris I also looked around a lot of the designer shops for inspiration. It was really insightful to see the pieces close up and look at the construction details and how they are made. there is so much detail and craft that goes into some pieces that you just don't see from looking at catwalk photos, so it was great to see. I loved Erdems collection, with the embroidered florals going into print, and lace dress- all beautifully made. I loved John Galliano's shop which was interestingly styled, enchanting you to weave through the rails of colthes. The lace and embroidery details on light silks inspired me.


We spent a day at Versailles, which is a beautiful Palace in Paris, once home to royalty and Mary Antoinette. The sheer size of the Palace is breathtaking, adorned with gold decoration. The interiors and eleborate adornment inside was fabulous, and has inspired me a lot with print ideas...

Every space of each room is decorated with print and adorned with gold, which I loved. I feel inspired to create print for my collection which could be applied to interiors as with the rooms of the palace. The floral prints are quite English feeling, with delicate colours and repeat placements. This is the kind of prints I have already been designing, so I think it could work well.

The theme of royalty is already strong in my collection, and I feel I can add a lot more after visiting Versailles, with fresh inspiration and exciting ideas.

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