Sunday, 21 March 2010


This week I have been concentrating on the toiling of my designs for the final line up. Having now sent off my print designs to be digitally printed, I am hoping to start making when they come back this week, so my designs need to be perfected. I had done initial toile’s of most of my designs, but felt that most of them could be better and needed altering. Some things, I found, I have made more complicated then they needed to be. I have realised it is the more simple design shapes sometimes that can work better and are more effective. The flared dress below was one of my originals, which has panelling all the way round for a design feature, adding fullness and movement. However, I decided this was unnecessary, especially with the prints that will be going on the dress, and it would work the same without the panelling. It is small but important things like this that are found out when toiling, which highlights how much of an important part of the design process it is.

I have also been finalising and developing patterns for the leather to be laser cut in for some of my designs. These will be small details, such as a collar or hem, but I think should make a statement with the contrast to the fluid lines and soft fabrics and prints.

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  1. i love love LOVE the colour and cut of this dress its gorgeous! love all the colours it looks like ur using too bub all looks lovely! i cant wait to come see it all! we'r all guna have changed our work so much since foudation 3yrs ago!! x