Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Anna Sui

Anna Sui's latest fall 2010 collection is fabulous. I admire Sui for the detail and research that is put into her collections. She always achieves an exciting combination of prints, embellishment and craftmanship, creating eclectic mixes to admire. The symbolic meaning and values in her clothes really shines through which makes it very special, and is inspiring to me.

I paticulary like the bright colours and soft floral prints in this recent collection, which have a very feminine, ethernal feel.

The floral print on a sheer fabric is really effective, and has a soft, delicate feel. This collection has an almost vintage feeling, with the colours and mixture of art deco and floral prints, which I like. This is the mood I am going for with my current collection.

I love the embellished dress, which has 1920s references with the dropped waist and shaped hem. I admire the way delicate embelllishment and bright, exciting prints are combined in one collection, and it is this mix that I aim to create, but brought together in one outfit for more of a statement.

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