Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Final Collection

My final collection is now coming to a finish! I have nearly made all my outfits now, just small things like fastenings and pieces to finish now. This is really exciting and quite a relief that it has all gone well and is nearly done! I am so happy with my collection and the fact that every piece looks just how I wanted it to- how I drew it - which I never imagined would happen so well.
There was a few things that I changed along the way, but nothing major. I didn't like the cuffs on one of my jackets as the frills looked a bit twee, and the collar also didn't work. I changed these to more simple leather binding which looks much better. I also had some problems with the hems of pleathing on one dress. The seams and undergraments were showing on each layer where the pleating had been sewn on the bottom. I had to do a lot fo un-picking, pinning, cutting and re-stitching to get this right, but it now looks great! There was also the hem of a jacket I had to unpick, cut and re-sew as it had dropped on one side. A few of the dresses in the silk satin did drop after cutting, so I had to leave them on the mannequin over-night then pin and cut the hems straight before hemming, These are small details that you don't think about or realise until you make in the right fabrics, and I have learnt a lot of things like this. It shows how important it is to plan and be organised because there are always things that come up that you didn't plan for that take time.
I have learnt so much through making my final collection, and I am so happy that it has all now come together well.

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