Tuesday, 25 May 2010


I have now done my photoshoot which is really exciting. I was really fortunate to be able to use the studio at Matches where I am interning. We had a sensitive background colour of a light orange/cream which worked perfectly with my collection. The model was also amazing with super long legs and beautiful porceline skin with elegant features and dark hair. She did some really striking, elegant poses which fitted the mood of my collection really well,s till creating a 'fashion' look. Perfect!

Today I worked with the images on Photoshop putting poses of the same outfit together creating interesting juxtapositions. This shows lots of angles of the outfits and brings the images to life. My photos when finished will be going into a look book of my collection, which I am planning on keeping quite simple but effective with the strong striking images.

Keep looking to see finished images...

Wednesday, 12 May 2010


I have been thinking of locations that I could do my photoshoot for a lookbook of my final collection. Looking at other looks books of brands I like, they tend to do it in a setting reflecting the theme of the collection. I like shoots where there is some relevance or meaning to it, but I also don't want it to be too busy with my busy prints...

As my collection is called floral queen, I thought I could either go with the floral theme or queen...

I like the idea of a field, and this beautiful field in Wivenhoe could be a possibility. It is full of flowers and would have a real summer feel. I like the idea, but am worried it might be too much with my colourful, busy prints and details...

This is Wivenhoe church, which is really elegant and vintage feeling, which goes with the theme of my collection. I like the idea of this, beause it is a more simple, neutral colour for a background...

A third idea I have is a brick wall with vine. This has a really English feel, which I like. I think this theme would go well, and is quite simple, however I'm still not sure if any of the locations are too much...

Another option would be to photograph my collection in the studio with a simple grey/white backdrop like with the David Lam photo, which I loved. I have a photographer who is going to do the shoot for me, so I now just need to decide on the location, a model and date.

http://sophiecpayne.blogspot.com/ - Sophie will be photographing my shoot.

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Final Collection

My final collection is now coming to a finish! I have nearly made all my outfits now, just small things like fastenings and pieces to finish now. This is really exciting and quite a relief that it has all gone well and is nearly done! I am so happy with my collection and the fact that every piece looks just how I wanted it to- how I drew it - which I never imagined would happen so well.
There was a few things that I changed along the way, but nothing major. I didn't like the cuffs on one of my jackets as the frills looked a bit twee, and the collar also didn't work. I changed these to more simple leather binding which looks much better. I also had some problems with the hems of pleathing on one dress. The seams and undergraments were showing on each layer where the pleating had been sewn on the bottom. I had to do a lot fo un-picking, pinning, cutting and re-stitching to get this right, but it now looks great! There was also the hem of a jacket I had to unpick, cut and re-sew as it had dropped on one side. A few of the dresses in the silk satin did drop after cutting, so I had to leave them on the mannequin over-night then pin and cut the hems straight before hemming, These are small details that you don't think about or realise until you make in the right fabrics, and I have learnt a lot of things like this. It shows how important it is to plan and be organised because there are always things that come up that you didn't plan for that take time.
I have learnt so much through making my final collection, and I am so happy that it has all now come together well.


I started my internship at Matches today with Danielle. I think this is going to be a really great experience for me and I am going to learn so much from it. The Freda design team is very small, so I can get really involved, seeing how everything is done. At the moment Danielle is putting together the spring/ summer 2011 collection, which she now has a line up for. I looked through all her inspirations and found out lots about how she gets things done and the process of bringing together a collection. It is very classic, but with some interesting fabrics and prints which are still being designed.

Today I helped sort out some colours and fabric swatches to be sent to Hong Kong to be sourced, did some photocopying and tidying. I got to look around the Matches building including the amazing mail/internet warehouse! It is full of all of the clothes for the website sales, all beautiful designer pieces- Chole, Diane Von Furstenburg etc etc! Like a treasure chest of clothes- amazing!

I think I am going to get on well at Matches and look forward to getting more involved and learning more. Next week I might be able to help out on the Freda photoshoot, which will be really exciting!

Monday, 10 May 2010


Today I did a 10 minute presentation to some of my peers and tutors about my final major project and my future career plans. I felt that it went quite well, and I covered what I wanted to in the time. I tried to be enthusiastic and passionate while talking about my work, but I'm not sure if it came across as much as I wanted it too. I always find it hard to be really confident and outgoing in presentations, but I did do my best and I think I get better every time. I think it was good that I was showing some of my work as well as the powerpoint slides as it made it feel more involved. I felt that I spoke quite fast and missed a few bits of out I wanted to say. However, overall it did go well, and I think I put across well what my porject is about and that I am passionate about it and my future plans.

Saturday, 8 May 2010

Artsthread pages

I have been working on my final pages for artsthread today. I decided to have my four pages all of my final project as I feel this best reflects what I can do. I have an illustration page, design page, print page and mood page. I am happy that the pages show my work well, and any employer looking at my portfolio online will be able to see the range of skills that I have.


Friday, 7 May 2010

David Lam Photograph

We got back our photo's from David Lam, from the photoshoot last week. I was really pleased with my photo, as it looks really elegant and shows off the outfit well. Yesterday we saw the brouchure layout , which will be using this photo for my page. It looks really good, and I am excited to see it finished. This will also be the image used on my postcard, so it is what will be promoting me, so I am really glad I love it.